Friday, March 31, 2017

Shopping, Doctors and Pizza

After the fun family event on Saturday at John and Shanna Clark’s home, Kathi, AJ and I followed Andrea Clark to her sister Marikje’s house in Georgetown where she would spend the night before driving back to La Porte on Sunday morning. AJ came home with us to spend the night and I guess we were all tired, since we went to bed as soon as we got home and fell asleep soon after.

Sunday morning, March 26, 2017, AJ and I dropped Kathi off at Marikje’s house to go adventuring with Andrea, before her drive home. AJ and I went to Cracker Barrel in Round Rock for breakfast and both had the double meat breakfast. After taking AJ to his apartment, I drove back to the Ross store in Wolf Ranch shopping center to get Kathi and Andrea left for her home from there. We spent the rest of the day at home. Kathi called Andrea later to assure she got home okay. Saturday was a fun day for all of us.

Monday, Kathi and I spent at home. The highlight of the day for me was lunch. Kathi made us steak, baby potatoes and green beans. I had two helpings of each to keep my strength up.

I spent Tuesday working on taxes and we moved from Cedar Breaks Park to Jim Hogg Park in the afternoon. We had to move because our time was up at Cedar breaks and there were no spaces available there. Our plan was to move on toward Utah for RV repairs, but we need to stay in town for a little longer to resolve a medical issue. We will stay at Jim Hogg for a few weeks then move back to Cedar Breaks, where we will stay through the first of May.

Wednesday, AJ had an early morning appointment to see a dentist and we agreed to drive him. Kathi and I left the RV park just as the sun was coming up. On the way out of the park, we caught a deer and her fawn in our headlights, but their reaction was not like what I think of as a “deer in the headlights” glare. The deer never turn her head, she just kept a slow walk into the woods. The fawn gave us a casual glance and followed her mother at a saunter. The deer in the park and the surrounding neighborhoods do not fear humans, if we keep our distance.

We got AJ to the dentist and he needed to make a return visit in the afternoon, so we drove to the Cracker Barrel in Buda for breakfast. We stopped at Walmart to pick up a cushion for Kathi’s car seat. She tells me riding with me gives her back problems, but I cannot believe it has anything to do with my driving. It was mid-afternoon when we got AJ back to his apartment and drove back to Lake Georgetown.

Roses at the dentist's office

More rose bushes

AJ had another doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I drove into Austin alone. I gave Kathi a chore list to do while I was gone and she gave me “the look.” She did some housework of her own choosing while I was out of her way. I went with AJ to talk to the doctor, then we ran a short errand in the neighborhood, before stopping at Pizza Hut for lunch. I bought a large pepperoni and Italian sausage and we ate most of it. I had two left-over slices to take home. It was another fun week living the RV lifestyle and enjoying family.

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