Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Texas City Dike

Saturday was Kathi’s 70th birthday. We did not have anything planned. Shame on me. I drove Kathi to the shopping center at the corner of Beltway 8 and Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena so she could shop at the Avenue store. She found some black pants she wanted, but they did not have them in her size. Since we were on that side of town, we drove to Jimmy Changas in Deer Park for lunch. We will miss Jimmy Changas when we are traveling in a few weeks. This area is the only place they exist.

On the way back home, we stopped at Famous shoes so Kathi could find a comfortable pair of black shoes and again could not find anything she wanted. We returned home for the afternoon and evening.

Sunday, we drove to Texas City to ride down the dike. It has been a long time since either of were there and it sounded like a nice drive. I am glad we did. There were several hundred people along the road fishing, crabbing or camping. We even saw a few campfires and a few people with their grills making lunch. Kathi saw a couple of fishermen with some success, but I could not look because I did not want to take my eyes off the road with so many young ones running around. One fish she saw was about 15” long and chubby, so I am guessing ten to twelve pounds. The other was a flounder big enough to fill a skillet.

Everyone loves the ice cream man

 We saw some seagulls flying and some walking on the beach areas. We even got to see a herd of baby seagulls. They did not fly, they just ran on the sand following larger seagulls. We saw five or six pelicans in line flying low over the water. Their wingspan was about four and a half feet. They were fun to watch.

We saw many families enjoying being out, even with no sun and overcast skies. We saw a toddler with a crab net, but I do not think he knew what to do with it. He was crabbing in the sand, while Mom and Dad were fishing.

The Birds is coming.

We were home all day Monday, except to drive through and pick up Whataburger for lunch. Tuesday, we spent the morning at the laundromat. We got all our clothes clean and stowed away, took showers, then drove over to Rudy’s for BBQ sandwiches for lunch. Kathi had a lean brisket sandwich a coke and chips. I had a chopped beef sandwich with a Frostie orange drink and chips. Frostie is the same company that makes the great root beer. We enjoy the drinks Rudy’s keeps iced down in their coolers by the serving line much better than their fountain drinks.

We listened to President Trump address to Congress in the evening. It sounded like a unifying speech to me. I hope it was. We need to come together and use all our talents to solve the many problems our country faces.

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