Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Visiting A. J.

We arrived at Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown on Sunday, March 19, 2017 on a bright, sun-shiny afternoon. We checked in at the gate, then drove to our site. There were several speed boats and two jet skis we could see on the water as we drove in. After we got parked I noticed a fishing boat sitting still in the middle of the lake and a boat pulling a young lady on a float. What fun!

View across the lake at Jim Hogg Park RV's

The water near the shore appears more green, with a blue spot of water across the lake.

There is a covered picnic table at each site.

We will be here ten days giving us ample opportunity to visit with our son, AJ in Austin. We were tired after the approximate 250-mile drive from Thackerville. We got our electricity and water hooked up ASAP, so we could go to eat. The parks on Lake Georgetown do not have sewer at each site, so we must go to the dump station every few days. After we had utilities, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. We both had six ounce sirloins with baked potatoes and salad. Dinner was great and we went home to crash. It was 86 degrees inside our motorhome with the sun bearing down on the west side. I hooked up our portable air conditioner to cool the place down so we could relax with ease, then sleep after the sun went down.

Monday, we drove to Austin and picked up AJ & went to lunch at Cracker Barrel. He and I had country fried steak and mashed potatoes, while Kathi enjoyed bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy. We all enjoyed our lunch and the lunchtime conversation. After lunch, we found an AT & T store to find AJ a new phone. His ZTE phone glass got cracked while he had it in his backpack. He decided against another ZTE phone with a thin glass screen. This time he bought a Samsung Galaxy Express Prime with 16 GB internal memory. It was reasonably priced and he seems to be able to do everything he needs to do using it.

Musical wall art at Cracker Barrel

More wall art -- love the mustaches
After that we ran a couple of errands that were out of the way for AJ. He does not drive and relies on public transportation. He can get most places, but it was easier driving with us. AJ had not slept the previous evening, so we took him home for him to get to sleep early.

Tuesday was overcast and we had a lot of traffic driving into Austin. AJ had an appointment for a medical procedure and it gave us another opportunity to get together. We went to Cracker Barrel again. The one we go to is in Buda and it seems to be AJ’s restaurant of choice when we are in Austin. He cannot get to a Cracker Barrel by bus. There is such a great variety of menu items and every one is good eating, so Kathi and I also enjoy eating there.

Today is Wednesday and after we had coffee, I drove Kathi to find someone to give her a manicure. We then drove to HEB so Kathi could pick up fixings for hamburgers and hot dogs when we visit John and Shanna Clark in Liberty Hill on Saturday. They are expecting about 20 family members to attend the gathering. It was overcast in the morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon – not unusual for springtime in Texas.

There are quite a few people in the park, but it is far from full. It will begin to fill on Friday afternoon and stay full through the weekend. It is going to be a great week for us on Lake Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We are enjoying each other and the RV lifestyle.


  1. I am really glad we are getting a chance to see each other before you guys take off for while and travel some more. It will be nice to see some other family too. Like you said, a great week.

  2. We are gald, too, AJ. Happy to be here.