Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Waiting at MCD

MCD Innovations is a window shade manufacturer. They not only make shades for RV’s but they make shades with logos on them for many business around the country. You can visit their website at

We had most of our day/night shades replaced with MCD shades four years ago. We opted for shades that combines two shades on two reels. One is black mesh that we can see out, but you cannot see in and the other is off-white material for privacy at night. We are having the shades in the driver’s compartment replaced on this trip. They cannot install the one across the windshield until we replace our CRT TV, so we can reduce the cabinet size on the windshield side. Our TV is old and the picture is bad, but I am cheap enough that I cannot force myself to replace something that works, but Kathi thinks it will be replaced soon.

We arrived on their property Sunday night and hooked up to electric service. They provide 50-amp service, but no water or sewer hook ups. RVers usually have shades installed by Wednesday, but they ask us to plan for one week. We are at their factory in McKinney, TX. There is also a 20’ Yellow freight trailer to pick up merchandise for delivery to RV dealers and businesses around the country.

Our RV backed in against the factory wall at MCD
A view through the side window looking through the black mesh shade

The same view with the opaque shade lowered

I checked us in at the office on Monday morning and found out five RV’s were ahead of us for installation. We are backed into our space so we can see all the other RVs and could watch the installer as he moved between RVs to take measurements.

It was overcast all morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon. The temperature was moderate, so we opened our windows to feel the fresh air. Kathi made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for our lunch and while I was eating, the installer arrived to take measurements for our shades. It took less than an hour to describe what we wanted and measurements to be taken.

Tuesday was an absolutely beautiful day in McKinney. The sun was out and it was cool. We had chili for lunch and I wrote, while watching for the installer to appear. We only saw him once in the afternoon when a new RV arrived and the technician only had to make an adjustment. We went to Walmart after they closed the shop and spent the evening in watching TV.

Today is Wednesday and it is overcast again, but still cool. We are running our heat pump to kill the chill. A truck with a 53-foot trailer arrived to pick up shades for distributors. The installer just came out to install shades on the first RV he measured on Monday. The RV here for an adjustment left this morning. We are hopeful that we can get away today and move on to the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK for a few days. We are killing time until a space opens for us on Lake Georgetown so we can spend a few days with our son, AJ. We are really looking forward to visiting him.

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  1. I did not know they have no water hookups for you. Also, if I remember, you usually get 80 amp service. I know you do not always get it but I seem to remember you prefer it. The double shade system is great. I like the idea of having the choices. Good luck getting the shades put in as soon as possible and hitting the road. If I order my books for my Amazon Kindle Fire through your site at I wonder if that will work. Please let us know. Thanks

  2. 50 amps is actually the maximum we use in motorhomes, the choices are normally 30 or 50. We love our new shades. Thanks for your comments on my blog.