Friday, April 14, 2017

Approaching Easter

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 was overcast and cool at Lake Georgetown. All our neighbors moved out Sunday afternoon so there were no next door neighbors. As we drove out for lunch, we saw a lot of empty spaces away from the lake and mostly filled spaces that have lake view. We had lunch with my sister, Carol and husband Lloyd Jackson at the Catfish Parlour. The place was packed at lunchtime. Lunch was good, as usual and our conversation was fun. There were two tables near us with people playing Canasta. They told me they played there every Wednesday. They were having a fine time eating lunch around their games. They re-shuffled partners just before we left.

A boat moving on the lake

Unusual trailer parked at Jim Hogg Park
Kathi and I went to Walmart for groceries and some Move Free for me. I have been taking glucosamine/chondroitin tablets I bought on line for a month or so and my knee and my hip have started hurting most of the time. I am not sure if the medication is the problem and the solution, but I cannot think of anything else I am doing differently. We also stopped by the AT&T store to change the sim card in my phone. We use our phones as internet hotspots while we are traveling and the last two months, our data usage has gone up 50%. Lloyd read on line that someone else was having a similar problem and it went back to normal when they changed their sim card in their phone. So far, I have not noticed a change with mine, but it has only been a couple of days. It is a mystery to us, because we have consistently used the same amount of data for two years and now, we are going over each month and we are not doing anything different. As a matter of fact, we have cut back on our usage to prevent exorbitant overcharges.

I spent all day Thursday writing my latest book, “Memories of Larry.” I will finish it before the end of the year and publish it when my editor tells me it is presentable. Kathi alternated her time between house cleaning, reading and TV watching. Late in the afternoon, spaces around us began to fill as we approach the Easter weekend. I expect the park will fill completely before the end of the day Friday.

Our only plans for the day are lunch with Carol and Lloyd at Dos Salsas in downtown Georgetown, then going by the post office to pick up our mail. Tomorrow we will visit our son, AJ in Austin.


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  1. Really good blog entry. It is too bad all news can not be good. I sure hope you figure out a way to give yourself some comfort from your knee and hip pain. For those who do not know you as well as I, Arlon does not complain about ailments so if he mentions something you know it is really bothering him. I am frustrated on your behalf when it comes to this problem with your Data charges. You are a dream customer for anyone so it is in their interest to fix this before they lose you. I can not imagine why the cost just skyrocketed, often data getting used up when no one is even using it. Obviously this is an error on their end. I hope they fix it. Looking forward to seeing you two tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support, AJ.