Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter in the Park

We woke up Saturday morning and opened our shades to see the outside world. Our next-door neighbors had brought enough paraphernalia to move in for a month, but we knew they would leave on the weekend. There was a lady sunbathing right outside Kathi’s window, so she closed her shade. I am assuming she did not want me watching sunbathers all weekend. There were a lot of other activities going on, since they had five or six elementary school age children with them. They took their boat out on Friday, but it sat next to their RV the rest of the weekend. The kids were having a good time tossing footballs and other activities requiring a lot of movement.

Around noon, Kathi and I drove into Austin to have lunch with AJ. There was heavy traffic for a weekend, but considering it was Easter weekend, we probably should not have been surprised. When we drove by the University of Texas sports facility on I-35 there were cars parked in every space alongside the feeder street, so I am assuming they had a weekend tournament of some kind, maybe basketball.

We had a great lunch at Pappasitos and we were surprised it was only partially filled. I guess we beat the rush. We always enjoy eating there. Kathi had cheese enchiladas and AJ and I each had a combination of beef quesadillas and a beef taco. The food was excellent and we had a nice conversation to boot.

Sunday, our neighbors were packing up. It took them about four hours to take the tent down and get all the equipment they brought with them pack and ready to move out.  They did not seem to be in a hurry and they were still having a good time while packing.

Cactus in bloom by the lake
After the neighbors left we saw a new group of people walking around the area. After watching them amble around for a little while, we realized they were hiding Easter eggs. They appeared to be light plastic eggs, because some of them were nested on tree branches that would not hold a heavier chicken egg. Sometime later, the adults were back and this time they brought children with baskets, searching for the eggs. I hope some of the eggs had chocolate candy in them to make the search worthwhile.

Later in the afternoon another lady was walking around next door looking for firewood. The edge of the woods had been scavenged, so she went to the fire pit and took the unburned wood out of there to take to her campsite. People watching is really entertaining. I am going to start paying attention to who is watching me when I am outside.

Fishermen at work
My sister, Carol and husband Lloyd came over to visit in the evening. They have been at Jim Hogg Park most of the week and plan to travel again one day next week. We always enjoy our conversations when we are together. They have been traveling longer than we have and Lloyd remembers details about most of the places he stays. We relish our travel conversations.

Glad the Marine Corp is here with us
We need to make a trip to the post office this afternoon and afterward, I will spend writing. In a few weeks, I will finish the first draft of my new book, “Memories of Larry,” then I will start the editing, re-writing process. Kathi is a better editor then I am and she catches most of my errors.

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