Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gully Washer

We are still at the Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown. Last Saturday evening the space across the park road from us was filled with tent campers. They arrived in pick-up trucks and SUV’s and pitched four tents. I saw one of the men wearing shorts, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a rod and reel heading toward the lake. There were a few bicycles moving on the road and I saw campfires burning, but little other activity.

Sunday morning, campers around us started taking down their tents. They loaded one of the SUV’s with kids and left the pick-up truck and driver loading. He got his truck full and had three large carry boxes that would not fit in his truck. He got in his cab and took a nap. A few hours later the SUV came back and the two men put the boxes in the SUV and they left the park. That was near two o’clock in the afternoon and time for us to move.

We were moving from space 11 to space 18 about 150 feet down the road. First, we had to go to the dump station. As I was driving out of the park, I noticed a class C motor home following me, so I pulled over to let him pass, figuring we were in no hurry and he should not have to wait for us to dump our tank. We followed the class C to the dump station and there were four RV’s in front of him. Some were obviously not familiar with their RV’s, as it took almost an hour for the five RV’s to finish dumping and move along. Kathi and I have been to so many dump stations, we are fairly efficient. Those in front of us had smaller tanks then we have and it took them an average of 20 minutes each to dump. We usually get through in less than ten minutes. Of course, our valve system makes our chore easy. Trailers are harder and most of them are going home or to storage, while our motorhome goes back to a camp site.

While we were at the dump station awaiting our turn, my brother-in-law, Lloyd Jackson and my sister, Carol drove by and honked at us. They surprised us, as we thought they were going to Livingston. Lloyd was going to take a nap after their move from Green Caye in Dickinson, TX, so Kathi and I went to the Catfish Parlour for lunch. When we got back to the park, we drove to where they parked their motorhome to visit. We passed them walking down the road. They had come to visit us while we were still out to eat. We met at their motorhome and enjoyed conversing about current events and catching up on travel plans.

Boat dock inside Jim Hogg Park
Monday the four of us met at Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. Lloyd and I had Nolan Ryan chicken fried steak, Carol had a sirloin and Kathi had one of the lunch specials. More good conversation and an enjoyable meal, then I took Kathi to a shoe store. We also planned on haircuts, but Kathi decided to postpone the haircuts for another day.

Cowboy art inside Longhorn Steakhouse
Tuesday, we drove into Austin to spend some time with AJ. It rained so hard on the way into town, we no longer need to wash our Jeep. We picked him up and ran a short errand, then had lunch at Olive Garden for more lunch specials. AJ and I had salad and Lasagna and Kathi had salad with fettuccine Alfredo. I had to get gas, so I got off US 183 and got turned around and ended up going north instead of south. Who cares, it gave us longer to visit. It was a fun day. We dropped AJ back at his apartment and drove home in the rain. We stopped at Starbucks to use their Wi-Fi to update programs on my phone. Fun times.

Deer lying beside the road going into Jim Hogg Park

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