Sunday, April 30, 2017

Head and Chest Congestion

Friday was a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine on Lake Georgetown. We stayed in most of the day and watched weekend campers moving into the park with lots of children. There were a few trailers and fifth wheels, but most of the campers had tents set up at their sites. A lot of weekend campers come in and walk the nature trails around the park. Many make dinner on the grills provided at each site and a lot of people sit outside this time of year around campfires in the evening. We never have campfires at our site, because of the ill-effect it has on our breathing. In fact, when campfires are lit in our area, we usually stay inside and turn off our central air to prevent smoke from coming inside our motorhome. I am glad people are having a good time on the lake, as we always enjoy being here.

View of the lake from our picnic table.
We stayed in on an overcast Saturday and I spent some of my time writing while Kathi watched TV or read. I guess I got bored late in the afternoon and needed to see the outside world, so I got Kathi go to Starbucks with me for hot chocolate and a pastry. I had lemon pound cake and she had banana nut bread. We came home and watched a few news shows, then watched Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania, before retiring for the evening.

License plate decoration for Christopher's birthday

 AJ called in the evening and was not feeling well, so we determined what he had in his medicine cabinet that would work for congestion in his head and chest.

He sent an e-mail overnight and requested some additional OTC medications, a Sprite and some pudding, since that is all he thought he could eat. We had coffee then drove to Walgreen's to pick up some medication better suited to his symptoms and drove the items into Austin and delivered them to him. We hope he feels better before bedtime.

Revelers on the lake

AJ has an appointment on Monday to see a heart surgeon, so on the way home from Austin, Kathi and I drove by the doctor’s office to make sure I knew how to get there and see if parking was available. When we were satisfied, we drove back toward Lake Georgetown.

I have been wanting chicken fried steak and gravy for a few days, so Kathi agreed to stop at Longhorn Steakhouse on the way home. I had the Nolan Ryan chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and salad and Kathi had a sirloin and baked potato. On weekdays, the chicken fried steak is $10 and on weekends it is $14, but the double the amount of steak and add an extra vegetable. Now I have enough for another meal for my supper, so the weekend prices may be a better value.

We will get up about five a.m. in the morning and take AJ to the early-morning doctor’s appointment. This appointment is the reason we stayed in Georgetown an extra month and we do not know our next travel plans until afterward. If surgery is required, we will be in town during AJ’s recovery and if not, we will be moving on to Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, UT soon. We will know more tomorrow.

Small flower bed at the doctors office. The flowers looked bright in the sunshine.
We are just glad to have another fun day of life on the lake and hope our friends and family are enjoying their lives as much as are.

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