Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sunny Day

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood right now is at Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown and the sun is shining and it is mid-afternoon and the temperature just got up to 70 degrees from 50 degrees in early morning. Our next-door neighbors on the left of us moved out on Monday to continue their trip from California to Florida. The space has been empty since they left.

We drove into Austin and had lunch with AJ on Sunday and we have been home ever since. I spent most of my time writing and Kathi spent most of her time reading. We finally ran out of groceries, so we made a trip to Walmart this morning. Just after we left the park we saw a small deer on the side of the road watching the cars go by. After we passed, I saw another deer run across the street, pass the deer that was watching traffic and kept going into the woods. We figured the traffic watching deer missed the instruction from its mother to run when man is in the forest. I am glad, because I always enjoy watching the deer watching me.

This picture is about five years old, but the deer we say looked the same; even the same pose.

Buzzard on a light pole looking for lunch.
We made it to Walmart and back home and put up groceries, then went to Whataburger to drive-thru and pick up lunch. I had a double meat Whataburger with onion rings and could not finish it. Kathi had a Whataburger and French fries and she only ate half of hers. What is left will be my dinner.

We plan to drive into Austin again tomorrow and run a few errands with AJ and I am sure lunch will be involved sometime while we are together. Happy camping on the lake.


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