Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sunny Saturday

It is another beautiful morning on Lake Georgetown. Many of the empty spaces around us filled in since Friday morning. Out the window, I see leaning on the back of the trailer next to us a little green bicycle with 15” wheels. I haven’t seen any people, so I assume the family was up and out early this morning. We are used to children walking and riding in the streets of the park on weekends. We are a good way away from the lake and we are seeing no one outside anywhere.

It has been quiet and peaceful in our motorhome the last few days. Kathi was having problems getting her blood pressure regulated on Thursday, so I left her napping and reading in the motorhome while I drove to Austin to take AJ to get a CT scan of his chest, at the request of his cardiologist. On my way out of the park, not many people were moving around, but there was one boat on the lake moving slowly, like it understood how I was feeling.

Boat moving on the lake.

Nice boat wait to be put in the water.
After the scan was done, AJ and I ran some errands and ate lunch at Pizza Hut. I think I could eat their pepperoni and Italian sausage thin crust pizza for every meal, but Kathi likes a little balance in our cuisine. I took AJ home and drove back to see about Kathi. She was feeling better and even better after I shared a slice of pizza with her.

As I am writing the sun went away, the wind started blowing and it is beginning to look like rain. It is still cool in the low 70’s, so I expect it will be a nice day, rain or shine.

Yesterday, Kathi and I got caught up on our laundry. We go somewhere between 10 and 14 days between laundromats. We will be glad when we get to Utah and get our in-house washer/dryer repaired. It cuts way down on laundromat expense and time. Driving out of the park we saw one lone deer at the edge of the woods. After laundry, we tried to eat at Dos Salsa to have Mexican food, but there were no parking spaces available within two blocks and Kathi did not feel like walking, so we moved on.

We had lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. Kathi had a small sirloin and I had one of their lunch specials, a salad and half a beef and bacon cheddar melt. It was enough to eat and we had some leftover to take home for later.

Coming back into the park we saw a deer standing by the road watching traffic and a few yards further along, two deer were laying on the grass about fifteen feet away from the road and looked as if they might be having a casual conversation. Vehicles behind me kept me from getting pictures. There was not a place to pull off the road.

The sun is back and I see a few kids and a bicycle moving down the street. All is well on Lake Georgetown. Kathi and I may feel like kicking up our heels later, you never know.


  1. It's nice to know Lake Georgetown is in good hands. I will keep an eye on Town Lake and between the three of us we will have two safe lakes. I'm glad Mom is feeling better. It looks like you two are enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. I'm glad but I will also be glad when you can get to Utah and enjoy life on the road.

  2. Thanks, AJ. And Thanks for reading the blog and making a comment.