Monday, April 3, 2017

Tejas Southwestern Grill

Friday was a cool and sunny stay at home day for Kathi and I. The only time we were out was for lunch at Catfish Parlour. She likes to eat there on week days, because she likes the self-serve vegetables. On weekends, you order from the menu. I ate fried catfish and popcorn shrimp that satisfied my taste and my hunger. After lunch, we dropped by HEB for Kathi to get the ingredients she needed to make her famous tacos on Saturday. I spent the afternoon writing.

A view across Lake Georgetown from Jim Hogg Park to Cedar Breaks Park

Saturday was another beautiful day and we did not go out all day. We can barely see the lake from the spot we are parked, but the trees and the atmosphere are adequate to fill our minds with pleasant memories. I wrote while Kathi made tacos. While tacos were simmering, she began editing the first four chapter of my new book, “Memories of Larry.” I saw a lot of red ink, so I have work to do. After lunch, I had to take a break and took a short nap to allow lunch to settle. I always overeat homemade tacos. Kathi put enough in the freezer for us to have tacos four more times – oh, happy days ahead. I continued writing after my nap.

Sunday, we awoke to a dark and stormy morning. We had plans to go over and take AJ for lunch, but the weather made Kathi have second thoughts. We agreed to wait until noon to decide and by eleven am the sun was out and the sky was clear. We called AJ to let him know we were on the way. Just after we left the park we saw four or five deer standing in the road. They moved and a few yards further, a small herd of sixteen deer were crossing the road. This was near noon in a neighborhood filled with houses and the deer felt safe. They looked at us, but kept walking. None of them looked big enough to be full grown, but all the deer in the area are small. I assume the morning weather was what caused them to be out at what seemed an odd time off day to see deer. I tried to get a picture, but the driver behind me was impatient, so I kept moving.

We got AJ a little before one and I told them I wanted Mexican food. I drove north on US 183 to find a Mexican food restaurant. I expected to see several, but mostly I found Taco Cabanas. That would have been fine for me, but Kathi has other favorites. We got out of the city and into the countryside and never found an adequate restaurant. I got off 183 and moved east and soon crossed Parmer, which I knew had several restaurants. I think the family was starving by that time and we passed a Tejas Southwestern Grill and Kathi got AJ to look it up on the internet to see if they served Mexican food. The internet said yes, so I made a U-turn and we arrived back at the restaurant. The parking lot was full and it made us hopeful.

We got seated and they gave us brunch and lunch menus. There was nothing that looked like Tex-Mex or any southwest cuisine I was familiar with, but we decided to stay and find something on the menu. Kathi ordered a salad, AJ wanted a three-meat skillet and I ordered breakfast quesadillas. The waitress returned to tell AJ they were out of one of the ingredients for his meal, so he changed to pancakes, which was fine with him. Our meals arrived and it looked like servings I had only seen in California previously – definitely not Tex-Mex. Kathi’s salad made a beautiful layout with all the items separated in wedges. Kathi did okay with her lunch and AJ loved the pancakes, but I will not return to Tejas Southwest Grill. It was a beautiful restaurant and they had a lot of business, but it was just not for me. Picky, picky, picky. The three of us together and enjoying being together was enough to make it a good day.

A view of the decor in the Tejas Southwestern Grill

These window were so clear it looked like there was no glass. It gave the place an outdoors atmosphere.

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