Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wi-Fi and Catfish

Kathi and I use our cell phone as wi-fi hot spots, since we travel and most places do not have wi-fi available. On the lake, there are not any wi-fi sources nearby, except other RV owners that do the same thing we do. We all have secure systems to prevent others from using our allowed data and driving up our costs. The last couple of months we have used all our data allowance and while I am trying to determine the source of the data drain, we are taking our phone and computers to locations that have free wi-fi available. We went to Starbucks on Monday and updated the apps on our phones. I had 34 updates and Kathi had 42, and it took a while.

One boat towing another across the lake
 We went to the post office afterward and mailed the first four chapters of my new book, “Memories of Larry” to Andrea Clark for review and editing. I hope she likes the way it is going so far. The book is a memorial to her husband Larry who passed away from complications of leukemia last year.

We did not feel like eating out and Kathi did not want to cook, so I stopped by KFC to get chicken and biscuits to bring home for lunch. I enjoyed mine very much and Kathi shared much of hers with me, so I assume I liked it better than she did.

Monday, we met my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd for lunch at Catfish Parlour. That will probably be their last visit for catfish before they leave Georgetown next week. The three of them had helpings of vegetables and I stuck with the fried foods. The catfish was good, but the popcorn shrimp were not as good as normal. They were fried with the tails and shells on them. That may be normal, but this batch of shrimp were larger than they usually are. We enjoyed the meal and the conversation, as we usually do when we are together.

Marines and Patriots

Camouflage tents for Marine children

We drove by the drug store to pick up a prescription that Kathi arranged for me. It is prednisone and she hopes it will help my aching knee and hip. I hope so, too.

We got home and a class C motorhome had moved in next door to us. The couple sat out on the picnic table for a while after they got here and appeared to be making phone calls. They were only there one day and were gone when I woke up this morning, so I assume this was just a stopover while they were traveling.

I spent Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning writing and this afternoon we went to Walmart to pick up some needed food and paper goods.

Another neighbor moved in this afternoon while we are shopping, but they were gone in their tow vehicle when we got home. Maybe we will see them tomorrow. I did notice a Frisbee by my car that was left by the Easter revelers that left on Sunday. I left it there for the next camper to find it. Maybe they will have a use for it. Kathi and I do not Frisbee.

An abandoned Frisbee looking for a friend

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