Sunday, May 7, 2017

Casa Blanca, NM

We left the Amarillo RV Ranch Thursday morning heading west on I-40 toward Albuquerque. I was still tired from the drive the previous two days and wanted to break the drive up into two pieces. We were not far out of Amarillo before the hills turned into mountains. It has been a long time since we were in the mountains and it was mucho fun again. We saw many pink buttercups and some yellow flowers and a few spots with Indian paintbrush to add some color to our drive. The most fun was the mountains and being in them and driving through them.

We had some steep climbs and I had to downshift for higher engine speed and slower travel speed to prevent our engine from overheating. It has been so long since I was driving in the mountains that I had forgotten how to do it, but it came back to me after an hour or so.

We drove through Tucumcari looking for an RV park, but found none. It is a dead old town and many buildings are abandoned. There is nothing else in the area, so I assume they depend on tourists for trade. We kept on driving and looking. We drove through Cuervo, then went into Santa Rosa to look for an RV park. We drove through town and saw the Santa Rosa Campground that we had stayed at before, but it did not appeal to me on this trip. I guess I was being too picky.

I did see a restaurant with truck parking in the rear on the way through town, so we made a loop on I-40 and went back through town again and pulled in at the Silver Moon Café that advertised Mexican and American food. Kathi had cheese enchiladas and I had cheese enchiladas and beef tacos. The enchiladas came with pinto beans and hominy. All the lettuce was wilted and the tacos were tasteless, but filling. When Kathi had enough, I boxed the remainder to take with us for a snack later.

We kept driving west on I-40 and hit the afternoon work traffic going through Albuquerque. We normally boondock at the Route 66 Casino on the west side of Albuquerque when we are in the area. Since the last time we were here, they built the Route 66 RV Resort and will no longer allow boondocking on their property. We moved into the park and begrudgingly paid $45 per night. The actual charge was $75 and they told us $25 would be refunded when they checked our site after we left. We were tired and went to bed early and discussed never visiting the Route 66 casino again in the future. I guarantee we will never return to this unfriendly RV location.

We awoke Saturday morning and moved 40 miles further west to the Dancing Eagle Casino RV Park in Casa Blanca, NM. No one was in the office, so we gave them a check for $22 for a two-night stay. Kathi went to the café attached to the casino and brought lunch home for us. There were a lot of people in the casino and it was very smoky – not an atmosphere for us.

Blooming cactus at the Dancing Eagle Casino

The view out mys window as I write in Casa Blanca
I had a baked potato and a chicken fried steak and Kathi had a salad. We watched a little TV and went to bed before dark. We are not used to the change in elevation and shortness of breath is a problem. The elevation here is 5,900 feet.

Today, we went next door to the grocery store and bought a few items to get us to Utah. Kathi made me steak, new potatoes and corn for lunch and it was great. Kathi walked over to the casino and played video poker for an hour or so and returned home for rest and a shower. We will move into Towaoc, CO tomorrow morning hopefully we may be in Sunset, UT by the end of next week. Happy trails.


  1. You are making good time. Enjoy it. One of these days you'll get old and slow down. LOL. Love ya kids. AJ


  2. thanks for reading my blog, AJ. It is nice to be traveling again.