Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Casa Blanca to Price

Monday, May 8, 2017, we left the Zuni Reservation and the Laguna Pueblo near Casa Blanca, NM and the Dancing Eagle Casino and drove west on I-40. We passed the North Acomita Village, drove through Grants, Prewitt, Thoreau, Coolidge, Church Rock and into Gallup. At Gallup, we went north on US 491 into the Navajo Reservation. We drove through Yah-Ta-Hey, Twin Lakes, Tohatchi, Sheep Springs, Newcomb, Little Water an into Shiprock. We had to jog to the right in Shiprock, then continued north on US 491 into Colorado and the Ute Mountain Reservation. We moved into the RV Park at the Sleeping Ute RV Park in Towaoc, CO and settled in for the night.

The scenery Monday was mostly dirt and rock and some mountains in the distance. There were many houses in cluster about one-quarter mile off the road and we saw little sign of greenery anywhere. Tuesday was different.

We got a late start, because I slept late on Tuesday morning. I am not used to all the traveling and we are moving quicker than my body can adjust. I am exhausted, but we will stop for an extended stay at Charlie’s Service in Sunset, UT on Thursday.

Tuesday morning, we left the Sleeping Ute and went north on US 491 through Cortez. We saw a lot of horses in people’s front yards. Cows had been more prevalent prior to entering Ute country, but the Utes seem to favor horses. As Us 491 turned west, we began seeing farm land. We saw bright green fields of grass, we assumed would become hay. We saw plowed brown dirt fields, then we started seeing plowed red dirt areas. We drove through Delores, Pleasant View and Dove Creek before crossing the state line into Utah.

At Monticello, UT, US 491 ended at the intersection of US 191, so we took 191 north through Spanish Village and the scenery changed again. Words and pictures are inadequate to convey the beauty of the scenery we passed on this trip. Red mountains, green mountains and mountains with visible sandstone strata. As we moved into Moab the mountains of red were closer to the highway.

Through the windshield pictures

More colored rocks
We drove past the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and went through Crescent Junction and turned west on I-40. Just past Green River, we turned north again on US 191 through Woodside and Wellington. Coming over some of the mountain passes, the view ahead was breathtaking in the spectacular variety of colors. We stopped at the Legacy Inn and RV Park in Price, UT for the evening. This was another special day of travel for us. I wish I could explain it better.

Wide open spaces

Unusual rock formations
When I drive through remote areas, especially with low traffic, Kathi’s mother, Virginia Hathaway’s words echo in my ears. When we first started traveling she told me, “Take care of that precious cargo.” I agree with her assessment and I never forget who travels with me.


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