Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Charlie's Service Update

Saturday afternoon and Sunday, we mostly stayed inside and enjoyed the mountain views out the windshield. Kathi made tacos for lunch both days and they were super good.

Homemade taco lunch
Monday morning, Justin Dubose came out to greet us and talk about some of our maintenance issues. It was nice to see him again, since it has been three years since we were here. Kathi made me a homemade hamburger for lunch and they are always good. Most of the food Kathi makes for us comes from our freezer. She prepares many items for the freezer when we travel. It shortens prep time when we are tired.

Justin’s wife, Mandy came out to see us in the afternoon and brought their son, Austin with her. Austin has grown a lot since we were here last. He will start kindergarten in the fall. He had a super ball and enjoyed bouncing it on our steps while we talked with Mandy. We caught up on their family and shared information about our family and recent activities.

Hazy view out our windshield from our parking space at Charlie's
Gilberto and Justin do the RV work on the property. Justin would like more help, but all the young people in the area are unwilling to work for affordable wages, so help is hard to find. Of course, people with no training and no tools are willing to work for exorbitant salaries, but businesses cannot afford to pay them that much to learn the job.

Gilberto and Justin removed our washer/dryer in the afternoon, so Justin could evaluate the problem to relay the information to the insurance company. Doing minimal maintenance for three years, we have a lot of work to get done while we are here.

Tuesday morning, Kathi and I drove into Ogden to see an orthopedic doctor about my knee and hip problems. We did X-rays and the arthritis degeneration was transparent. He told me I needed to replace both knee joints and my hip joints. I told him we would only be in Utah for a brief period, so he gave me injections in each knee and a prescription for a stronger corticosteroid than the prednisone I took a month ago when we were staying on Lake Georgetown. We are hoping that will reduce the inflammation and thus suppress the pain.

Wednesday morning, we awoke to frost on the pumpkin. Not really, they do not have pumpkins at Charlie’s Service, but we did see snow on the surrounding rooftops and tops of the cars in the parking lot. Much of it had melted by 8:00 am because of direct sunlight.

Remember we did half of our laundry last Saturday. Now, it is time to do the other half. We will try and get that completed before noon and keep our afternoon free.


  1. I was wondering if you were going to mention waking to snow covering your SUV. That surprised me this late in the season but then I still feel like I just got back to Texas. I will call to check on how you are feeling today.

  2. Thanks for your comment, AJ. It snowed here again late yesterday afternoon. It is pretty to look at, but it is 30 degrees here this morning and cold inside. Be glad when they get our propane heater working again.