Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

This has been another week at Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, UT. Justin and Gilberto are still removing items for repair to evaluate the problems so Mandy can submit the insurance claim. We mostly enjoy our days looking at the mountains and reading.

Snow capped mountain across I-15 and east of Hill Field.
Gilberto took our microwave out to check for needed repairs and they ran it for a few hours in the shop and it seemed to be working okay. We made sure they understood it was the convection oven that did not work, since we knew the microwave was working. Last time we tried to use the convection oven almost a year ago, it sounded like we were grinding rocks. It seemed to run fine in their shop here, so Gilberto reinstalled it.

Kathi and I went to the store and bought ingredients to make a chocolate cake. Pre-heat for the cake went much quicker than normal, but we tried it anyway. After about 20 minutes the cake was supposed to be done. It was not. Kathi raised the temperature and cooked longer. After two and a half hours we decide to eat the cake with uncooked chocolate cake mix in the center. The cake was tasty, but the convection oven experience was unsatisfying. After finishing cake, Kathi noticed a dark screen on the microwave. It was dead. Gilberto pulled it out again the next day. It is sitting on the bench in the shop for further evaluation. Our washer/dryer is sitting on the floor, near the microwave, awaiting evaluation.

There are about a dozen RV’s on the lot awaiting parts or already repaired waiting for the owners to retrieve them. A few more come in each day with single complaints, get repaired and put back on the road. There is a very expensive Newell motorhome on the lot being repaired at a leisurely rate of time, since the owner’s son wants to sell it after repairs. The outside looks beautiful, but Kathi looked inside and it is a mess. Our prediction is they will finish repairs and the motorhome will never sell. We figure this million-dollar motorhome may fetch $150,000 at best.

I had a great 74th birthday on Saturday. I got a lot of birthday wishes from family, friends and Facebook friends. All messages were appreciated. We drove to the Texas Roadhouse in Bountiful, UT to have lunch with my sister, Carol and husband Lloyd Jackson. They spent Friday evening with their motorhome in the Walmart parking lot in Springville, UT. Their next stop on the way to the west coast is Wendover, NV. We had a great lunch with steak and potatoes and salad, but the conversation was even more enjoyable. We caught up on family activities and travel adventures. It really was a great birthday for me.

Decor inside Texas Roadhouse
Last Thursday we were planning to eat leftovers at home, but they cut off our power to pull the air conditioner. Our problem was actually the propane furnace which heated okay, but the heated air never got into our motorhome. The furnace and air conditioner share the same vents, with a flap that switches positions depending on the source of the air flow. Our flap was missing, so Justin created one for installation. Which required removing the air conditioner. Without use of the microwave to heat leftovers, we decided to go out to lunch. We drove into Ogden and had lunch at Goodwood Barbecue. It was not Texas barbecue, but it satisfied our hunger. Just another RV travel adventure – what a life. We are thankful to share it.

Inside of Goodwood Barbecue


  1. WOW.I talked with you but more happened than I heard about. I'm glad you and Mom had lunch with Carol and Lloyd on your 74th Birthday. Love you guys

  2. I had a great birthday. Thanks for reading and making a comment, AJ.