Sunday, May 14, 2017

Into Sunset

We left the Legacy Inn and RV Park in Price, UT on Thursday, May 11, 2017 on the way to Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, UT to get some much needed work done on our motorhome. The only service we have performed in the last three years is an oil change, replacing six tires and replacing a leaking hot water heater. All the other failed items, we postponed until we got to Charlie’s. All the RV service centers in the Houston area had long waiting lists and we could not commit to planning that far ahead. At Charlie’s, we get to stay in our RV while work is done and they work us in around other customers and when parts arrive.

We left Price going east on US 191 and drove through Helper. At Castle Gate where US 191 turned north, we switched to US 6 and kept going east. We drove through Tucker and past Solder’s Summit, then switched to US 89 northeast until we hit I-15 at Spanish Fork, then north through Provo and Orem, before hitting the Salt Lake City traffic. It was a beautiful day for travel and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We were also glad we missed the rush hour traffic, since much of the way we had six lanes of cars moving 75 miles per hour in narrow lanes.

The last few times we used I-15 through SLC there was a lot of road construction with few lanes and slow traffic. The construction is all complete now and the traffic really moves. This was much better.

After SLC, we drove past Bountiful and Clearfield before arriving at Sunset and Charlie’s Service Center. We found out the owners, Justin and Amanda Dubose were out and had taken their dragster to race on Friday and Saturday. Gilberto works with Justin on the motorhomes and RV’s and he met us and got us parked and utilities hooked up.

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Windmills along US 191

A through the windshield view along I-15
We were both hungry and drove into Ogden for a meal at the Ruby River steakhouse. It was delicious and we had enough left over for lunch on Friday. Kathi added some green beans and cooked a few more potatoes to go with our leftover steak. It was great again. Considering we got two meals for the price of one, it was very economical.

A view of the ceiling inside Ruby River
I ordered Mother’s Day flowers for Kathi from 1-800 flowers and they were supposed to be delivered on Friday, but they never arrived. I was disappointed, but maybe they will arrive on Monday. We made a trip to Walmart to pick up a few items and spent the rest of our Friday at home looking out the window at the mountains.

A view across I-15 from the front door of Charlie's Service
Saturday was laundry day. We were both struggling for air at the higher elevation, so we only did half our wash. We will do the other half sometime this week. After laundry, we came home and Kathi made homemade tacos – my favorite meal. We are having more of the same today.

We are looking forward to going over our maintenance list with Justin in the morning, then begins negotiations with the insurance company to see what they will cover. Amanda is a pro at this so know she will do her usual. We are just thrilled to be getting things done.


  1. Glad you made and seem so happy. That's a shame about the flowers. I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day together otherwise

  2. I hated the flowers not arriving for Mother's Day. I wanted it to be a surprise. Mom finally called and had our money refunded.