Friday, May 5, 2017

Really, Really Good News

Kathi and I spent an extra month on Lake Georgetown to await an appointment with a heart surgeon, to determine if AJ would need surgery. We went to see the doctor May 1st and no surgery was needed. We were thrilled about the news and I wanted to hug a surgeon, but I restrained myself. It was definitely good news for our family and we wanted to spread the word.

With that behind us, Kathi decided to leave Lake Georgetown on May 2nd and head toward Utah for some work on our motorhome. First, we chose a little diversion by a move to the Winstar World Casino in the Chickasaw Reservation at Thackerville, OK. We left the Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown about 10:00 a.m. and got on I-35 north which goes through Temple, Waco, Ft. Worth and Gainesville, before crossing the Red River into Oklahoma. There was still a lot of construction on I-35, primarily in the Ft. Worth area, but driving through was not too bad, just a little slower than normal.

We spent the evening in the casino and sometime during the evening they called out Kathi’s name and gave her a prize. A nice crystal bracelet, some chocolate roses and money on her player’s card to commemorate the event. It was fun.

Crystal bracelet for Kathi
We tried our luck again on Wednesday and left the Winstar on Thursday morning. Our destination for the day was Amarillo, but I thought it might be too far to drive in one day, so I was on the lookout for RV park signs along the way. We first took I-35 south back to Gainesville to get on US 82 and cross the Texas panhandle. We drove up and down the hills as they got larger and taller moving west. We saw a lot of Texas windmills along the route and many fields of red dirt plowed for planting. It was a scenic drive with a lot of road ahead and many small towns to pass through.

A little luck helps

Oh, so close
We made it to Wichita Falls and left town on US 287. We spotted a roadside park soon after, so we stopped for a short nap, before continuing our trip. We awoke and drove through Vernon, Chillicothe, Quanah and Childress and I started getting tired again, so we made a more concerted effort to find an RV park we liked. We did not find one nearby, so we kept moving. Memphis was next, then Clarendon, Goodnight and Claude. Soon we merged with I-40 and knew we were on the outskirts of Amarillo.

We spent the night at the RV Ranch RV Park and now it is Friday morning and we are ready to move into New Mexico. We hope to get to Sunset, UT within a week to ten days, depending on how my body reacts to moving again. We are glad to be on the road.


  1. Fair skies, open roads, and tailwinds, my dear friends!

  2. Woooooohoooo! Back on the road. It's a good life. I have the most supportive family in the world.It was so great of you to hang out here for an extra month. I amn so lucky. Congratulations on your luck at the casino. Now we need Dad's very painful knee to give you some cooperation.

  3. Thanks for reading, Pete. Always good to hear from you.

  4. AJ, Thanks for your kind words and your support.