Sunday, June 25, 2017

Colorado Adventure

No, this is not our Colorado adventure. These adventures are for younger legs and bodies. Our nephew, David Clark lives in Colorado Springs and he invited his nephews, Justin and Austin Clark to come visit him for a week. They arrived in Colorado Springs early on Monday morning and departed on Friday. I got tired just looking at the pictures from their adventurous week.

Tour guide is in yellow, Dave is in Red an Justin and Austin are in front . Another couple they do not know are along for the ride.

It looks cool an refreshing

David runs his own business in Colorado Springs, Justin recently graduated from Texas State College and Austin just graduated from Liberty Hill High School and will be a U.S marine before the summer is over. David is an excellent host and tour manager for his friends and family. This adventure should be something for all of them to remember the rest of their lives.

Take a hike

Dave, Justin and Austin looking for more adventure.

They spent the week hiking, mountain climbing, mountain bike riding, horseback riding and river rafting. Justin took a lot of pictures and some of the river scenes were taken by the Whitewater touring company. I am sharing some of their pictures with you.

Getting ready for biking

Austin, enjoying life

Austin thumb's up, Dave showing battle scars

 Kathi and I are still at Charlie’s Service in Sunset, UT and it has been a busy week here trying to get the work completed on our Alfa motorhome. I will list just a few of the items that have been repaired or replaced since we have been here. We got a new toilet, new microwave, a new engine fan, a new alternator and a new water pump. Our washer/dryer is functional again and our propane furnace works. There were a few other maintenance items and most are complete. They will reinstall our rear-view mirror and finish waxing and caulking the motorhome on Monday. That will complete our maintenance work and we will be ready to travel to the next stop.

These are nice people to do business with and we have really enjoyed our stay here. Not only did we get our RV repairs done, we got a few needed repairs done to our Jeep, also. The staff are very pleasant and Gilberto spent a lot of time with us the last few weeks. At one time or another, everyone in the shop worked on our vehicles, getting us ready for the road.

Our next stop will be in West Wendover, NV where we will visit the Rainbow Casino for a day or so, then we will decide where to go next. We are thinking about summertime on the Oregon coast again. It would be nice to see my sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd, who are already on the coast.

We will stay flexible and we will see what happens. I am happy just to be with Kathi. Everything else is just extra fun in our lives.


  1. Looks like Justin and Austin had a great time with Dave. I'm tired just looking at those pictures. I'm real happy you are about to have your motor home ready to travel again. Good times

  2. Thanks for reading and making a comment, AJ. Love you bnches, Dad