Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Today is a day of remembrance for our fathers and a day of joy for we who are fathers. May it be a day of peace and happiness for all our families and our country. It is a beautiful, cool sunny day here and it has been a week with nice weather. It does seem to get a little warmer each day.

It was a good week for us at Charlie’s RV Service Center in Sunset, UT. Our new microwave/convection oven was installed, our washer/dryer works again and we got a new monitor for the camera that allows us to watch our Jeep as we travel. They also remounted the awning support I knocked loose from the side of the motorhome as we were leaving Dickinson. Our awning is now extended keeping out the morning sun. There are a few maintenance items remaining, but work is progressing nicely.

Hanging baskets of flowers in Clinton, UT. Just east of Sunset

 Jim, the auto mechanic that was off for a hand operation is back to work with limited use of his right hand. There is plenty of work to do, so Justin and Amanda are glad his operation went well and glad to have him back on the job.

There is plenty of RV work to do as several move in and a several go out each week. There are currently about 15 RV’s on the lot at various stages of the repair cycle.

First magpie I have seen in Utah.
We got a surprise visit from Butch and Debbie Schultz on Friday. They live on the Columbia River in Oregon and came to Utah with other family members and their motorhomes for some sightseeing. Debbie and Kathi keep up with each other on Facebook. It was great to see them, because it has been about four years since we last ran into them on the Oregon coast.

The snow is slowly melting off the mountains, but more flowers are sprouting up all over the area. There is so much traffic in the area it is difficult to stop and smell the roses, but we do when we can. We spend most of our days at home, in case we are needed to support Justin, Gilberto and Gilbert with RV repairs.

We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel on Saturday. Kathi had chicken and dumplings and I had a country fried steak. I even had enough left over for a late-afternoon snack.

Daisies at Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel art

More wall art

Kathi has done some of our laundry to assure the washer/dryer functions properly and it does. but today we need to go to the laundromat to wash sheets and towels. Too many have accumulated to make it feasible to wash in our small washer/dryer.

Our new microwave

Kathi and I are thinking about going to West Wendover, NV for our next stop, but we have not decided for sure. We talk about moving on to the Oregon coast, hovering on a mountain top or going back to the Houston area to be near doctors. We will probably continue to decide on a day-by-day basis. We are retired and happy wherever we reside.

Happy Father’s Day.


  1. Happy Father's Day. You sounded real good on the phone today. I'm glad they are making progress on your motor home. I spoke wit Mom and she is ready to get on the road.

  2. Thanks, AJ. You are my most avid supporter. Love you, dad