Thursday, July 27, 2017

Leaving Lincoln City

Kathi and I arrived at Lincoln City, OR July 6, 2017 and departed on July 26th. We spent our entire stay at the Chinook Winds Casino parking lot, rent free. We were boondocking and using our bank of six batteries for electricity. We had to run our generator a few hours in the morning and evening to recharge the batteries. When boondocking we used our water and electricity sparingly. After the first 12 days there, we had to go to a local RV park and empty our tanks and re-fill our fresh water tank for a $10 fee.

Right side of the Chinook Winds Casino taken from the employee parking area.
 After we were there in Lincoln City for a few days, my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson arrived and parked near us. We had a great time visiting with them and eating a few meals together at local restaurants or the casino buffet. Carol and Kathi also enjoyed a few casino hours together playing video poker machines. Kathi and I spent some time in the casino, but I limited my playing time, because I tend to be too free with her gambling allowance.

One of the places I like to eat fried codfish and curly fries.
 Our friends, Debbie and Butch Schultz live in Oregon and have a view of the Columbia River from their front door. They drove their car to Lincoln City for a few vacation days and last Saturday night they dropped by to visit. They also have an Alfa, so we have a place to start a conversation as we share stories about our lives and travel adventures. It was great seeing them again and we had a lively, enjoyable conversation. We hope to visit them at their home on our next trip through.

An expanse of trees in a forest are north of Lincoln City
 The last few days we were there, I was having to run our generator more often than usual and I think we have at least one bad battery in our battery bank. Our plan was to leave Lincoln City the end of this week anyway, but the battery problem made leaving a few days earlier seemed like a good idea.

We said goodbye to Carol and Lloyd as they were leaving for a drive to Tillamook, OR. Then, we drove to the Neotsu Post Office and got our mail from general delivery. We hooked our Jeep to Alfa and hit the road toward the Pioneer RV Park in Hermiston, OR.

We drove north on US 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, then turned east on OR 18, the Salmon River Highway. Going was slow on OR 18 because of the curves and switchbacks through the mountains. We left OR 18 as it entered McMinnville and continued east on OR 99W, the SW Pacific Highway. Travel was slow as we drove through the communities of McMinnville, Dayton, Dundee, Newberg and Tigard. Many red lights and stop and go traffic. We finally got to I-5 in Portland and drove north until we got to I-84.

Next Post: Hoods describes our trip along the Columbia River.

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