Sunday, July 2, 2017

Westward Ho!

We said goodbye to all our friends at Charlie’s Service Center after they resolved the last item on our list of issues. We got away a little before two o’clock the afternoon of Monday, June 26, 2017. Our motorhome looked great and our maintenance issues were behind us and we were ready for the road again.

We took I-15 south toward Salt Lake City, eased on to I-215 south, then I-80 west toward Wendover, UT and West Wendover, NV. The ride along the Salt Lake is always peaceful, because there is not much out that way. We saw a lot of salt, some salt processing plants, many salt marshes, some brown scrub brush and mountains in the distance on both sides of the highway. The greenery was sparse up close, but there was some green on the mountains.

Salt extraction near the Great Salt Lake

Piles of salt for processing

We stopped for two nights at the Wendover KOA. The first spot they gave us only had 30-amp service and we kept throwing the breaker. We finally called for a different spot and they moved us to one of the six 50-amp spaces they have in the park. They advertise that they have a lot of RV spaces available and that is true, but many of them have only 30-amp service with no water or sewer. They have about 30 full hook-up 30-amp spaces, and like I said only six full service 50-amp spaces. If you get there late in the afternoon in the summertime, those six sites are always booked.

We had a great time Tuesday at the Rainbow Casino. We left there about 9:00 pm with a little more money than we started with. It was a fun-filled day and we were exhausted when we got back into our RV.

Casino fun

We slept late Wednesday morning and got on the road again. The scenery was a little different west of Wendover. There was a little more green shrubbery and the mountains were nearer the highway. When we passed through Wells, NV we saw some yellow wildflowers for about thirty miles, then they disappeared again. The rest of the trip was browns and greens and few other colors. We started seeing more snow on mountains, but not snow caps. Only streaks of snow that will probably be gone in a few more summer weeks.

We stopped along the way at a Pilot Truck Center that had a Subway sandwich shop. Kathi went in and got sandwiches for us and we ate lunch in the Pilot parking lot. The food was tasty, but the buns were a bit stale. We needed the break and were ready to go when we finished eating. We arrived at the New Frontier RV about four in the afternoon and got electricity hooked up and spent the evening inside. Temperature was in the 90’s when we arrived and the low overnight was 47 degrees.

We went to bed early Wednesday night and awoke early Thursday and visited the Parker Model T Casino for a few hours, had a barbecue sandwich lunch at The Pig and returned home to rest and watch news in the afternoon.

The Pig
Friday morning, we continued our quest to the coast. We were both glad to be moving again. Kathi, as usual, was a great traveling companion. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. Seems like getting maintenance done is a regular (yearly) thing for all RV owners. We keep a running list of to dos. Safe travels.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and making a comment. You are right, maintenance seems continuous.

    My wife Kathi has been reading your blog since it first began, back when you were trying to decide whether to start full timing.


  3. I'm glad you finally got all that work done at Charlie's. They sure stay busy there. I'm also happy you made it to Oregon. One more stop and you hit the coast. I checked the weather out there. It is the place to be this time of year. I always miss San Francisco during the summer. Have fun you two.

  4. We were glad to have the work done. Our water pump, furnace, microwave and washing machine are great to have functional again.