Saturday, August 19, 2017

Awning and Eclipse

Kathi and I are at Charlie’s Service in Sunset, UT. We left the Oregon coast the end of July, because there was going to be huge crowds to view the eclipse on the coast. Chinook Winds Casino security made everyone leave their RV parking area so they could re-stripe the parking lot. Once we had to move we started back east, heading back to Texas.

We liked these mountains a lot better when they were covered with snow.
We stopped at Charlie’s to get our awning repaired or replaced. After our arrival, we discovered our hot water heater was not working. Justin Dubose determined the problem was the water heater circuit board and Gilberto made the exchange and we now have hot water. After evaluation of our awning, Justin determined a new awning was the only answer and we are waiting for it to arrive. As soon as it is installed, we will be on the road again. 

Justin, his wife Mandy and their son, Austin took their dragster to the races over the weekend and we hope they have a good time. Winning would also be nice.

Monday is the big day, astronomically speaking. It has been 99 years since the last total eclipse was visible all across the country. I do remember seeing one when I was twelve years old. I was in Nacogdoches, TX at the time and it got completely dark in the middle of the afternoon.

The eclipse will occur between 10 am and 11 am in mountain time. We looked at a few stores for eclipse glasses. I did not have any last time and I can still see, but viewing without UV glasses is not a good idea. We will probably use the pinhole trick. Put a pinhole in a piece of cardboard and watch the sun through the pinhole. I may even try a two-holer.

Some interesting things about eclipses. The last eclipse in the US was in 1979 and was only visible in the northwestern portion of the country. There is an average of two eclipses every three years somewhere on the planet. Somehow, they never get reported, because no one sees them. As strange as it sounds, there was a total eclipse only visible in the United States in 1776. I would have loved to see that one.

It is 95 degrees here today and it feels hot. I understand it gets cooler during the eclipse. That would be welcome all over the country.

We have mostly stayed inside our motorhome this trip through Sunset. We have eaten at Longhorn Steakhouse a couple of times and ate at Red Lobster today. Kathi had fresh grilled salmon and I had a combination of fried shrimp and stuffed flounder. The shrimp were great, but the stuffing for the flounder was a joke. The flounder tasted okay, but the stuffing tasted like biscuit dough.

We are going to take our time getting back to Texas. We will probably take short trips and enjoy our time together, as usual. Traveling with your best friend is highly recommended.

I am not sure what a lime rickey is, but 99 cents makes it sound cool.


  1. Here I am with mixed feelings about you getting down here because it's so hot and then I remember it's only 5 degrees cooler there. I don't like it when you have to do repairs or work outside in the heat. It worries me. I'm glad you got out for lunch today but sorry to hear some of the food was sub-par. I'm happy you will drive shorter trips on your way to Texas. The druves that approach 300 miles make for very long days. Maybe this way you can enjoy the scenery without getting too burned out. I really like it every time you write or talk about traveling with your best friend. I am proud my parents have been married for over 50 years. Also, I told you last week. I get a lot of compliments for being a gentleman if I am a gentlemen, which I try to be, I definitely got that from my Dad. I have a great Mom, a great Dad and a great brother. I am a lucky man.
    I hope your new awning arrives soon.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments, AJ. We will be in your area soon and looking forward to being with you.