Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jim Hogg Arrival

Kathi and I arrived at the Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown on Monday, September 18, 2017. We arrived here from the Abilene RV Park. We left the park moving east on I-20 and changed to US 183 south at Cisco. We drove through the small communities of Pleasant Hill, Romney, Rising Star, May, Owens and Early. US 183 left Early going southeast, through Villa, Mullin, Bozar, Goldwaite, Castor and Scallom and Lometa. We came to Lampasas, which was the biggest town we saw for that travel day. We continued on US 183 through Watson and Briggs. We turned east on TX 970 for a mile or so then south on TX 2338 which becomes Williams Drive in Georgetown.

We soon reached the Jim Hogg Park road, got checked in and set up at our RV site. Remember, our dash air conditioner in the RV quit working earlier in the week and the exhaust is off our generator, so we could not run our basement air and we were warm. We left our air conditioners running and went to Whataburger for lunch while the motorhome cooled. The air conditioning was refreshing at Whataburger, so we sat for a while after we finished eating. We returned home and retired early.

We contacted AJ and arranged for him to catch the early-morning train from Austin to Leander on Tuesday morning. It is about twenty miles from Jim Hogg to Leander, but that is a much easier drive than going into Austin in early morning traffic. The train ride takes about an hour and gives AJ a chance to read or nap on the way.  

I left the RV a little early and drove through the McDonald’s in Leander to pick up some sausage, egg and cheese biscuits for a breakfast snack and drove to the station to wait for the train to arrive. I had a twenty-minute wait, so I ate my biscuit and watched a Cap Metro security officer napping in his car until the train arrived. He woke up and drove away when passengers started unloading. I waited for a couple of minutes, still watching until all the passengers disembarked and no AJ. I thought maybe he fell asleep on the train so, I started to call him, just as he was getting off the train. I told him where I was parked. It was great to see him. He looked tired, but I was tired also, so I suspected we might both take a nap when we got home. I fed him the sausage biscuit I brought for him and we drove back home to spend the day with Kathi.

She made coffee for us and we enjoyed a conversation about our recent activities. We turned on the news to find out the latest on the hurricane damage and found that Mexico was also in dire straits following an early morning earth quake. We watched the news as we talked, thankful that we were in a safe area.

Kathi ordered catfish for our lunch and AJ and I drove to Catfish Parlour in Georgetown to pick it up. The fish dinner was great. We had not eaten catfish since we left Texas a few months earlier. Everyone enjoyed their lunch. I was right about the naps. AJ and I both fell asleep for a little while. AJ spent Tuesday night with us and we drove him home on Wednesday afternoon. It was great to see one another. We were glad to be in Texas and glad to be with family.

Wall art at Catfish Parlour

I love the old Burma Shave signs.

Seeburg Jukebox. It still works and has about 20 records, featuring Fats Domino, Frankie Lymon and Theresa Brewer.


  1. I love antique jukeboxes. I posted that photo on my Instagram page.

    You were right that I was tired when I got off the train the other day. That's why I was last off the train. I fell asleep five minutes before we arrived in Leander. Sure am glad I woke up in time to get off the train and see you and Mom.

  2. Thanks for your comment, AJ. I like the old Seeburg jukebox. I think it had about 20 songs and I am sure it used 45 RPM records.