Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sunset to Moab

We arrived at Charlie’s Service in Sunset, UT on August 1, 2017 with several maintenance items that needed attention. Our large slideout awning needed to be repaired or replaced, we needed our oil changed and we wanted Justin Dubose to check our towing equipment. Parts for the old awning were unavailable, so we ordered a new awning. After a couple of weeks, we found out it was damaged in transit and returned to the vendor. They placed a new order and that awning arrived on Thursday, August 31st and was installed on Friday, September 1st.

We were ready to move, but did not want to travel on the holiday weekend, so they allowed us to stay until Tuesday, September 5th. We got up Tuesday and got things ready to move along. We talked about stopping in Springville or Price, UT, but Kathi and I never agreed on a place to stay, so we just started driving toward Moab and thought we could find a place to stay along the road, if I got tired. I was still feeling good by the time we got to Price, so we continued to Green River, UT where we stopped by a Subway sandwich shop for lunch. I had a meatball sandwich and Kathi had a veggie sandwich with toasted cheese. We walked around a little to get our blood circulating, ate lunch and hit the road again. We arrived at the OK RV Park in Moab about 2:00 pm and got set up for the night.

Mountains east of us in Moab
A nice home in the neighborhood

When we awoke in Sunset, it was very smoky. We knew there were raging fires in California, Oregon and Montana, so we added Utah to the list. Bad news. We hoped to get out of the smoke soon and we did. We were moving south on I-15 and the smoke was gone by the time we got to Salt Lake City. It still seemed hazy in the distance, but driving was clear. We continued south through American Fork, Orem and Provo. We looked for a truck stop along I-15 all the way from Sunset, but there were none. We knew there was a Flying J in Springville, so we left I-15 and took US 75 to the Flying J. We got our fill of diesel and continued on US 75 east, then took US 89 south. Then southwest on OR 6 through Helper and Price. OR 6 merged with US 191 and we continued to I-70. We took up I-70 east until we stopped at Green River for lunch. After lunch, a few miles further east on I-70, then south on US 191 to Moab.

Fire in the Columbia River Gorge

View of the fire across the Columbia River
During the drive we had mountains, drove through mountain passes, curvy roads and switchbacks. I was lulled and relaxed and allowed my engine to overheat going up a mountain, but downshifted and slowed down to keep engine speed higher and it was cool again in a few seconds. Engine speed is essential on 95-degree days in the desert. We crossed Price River twice and Green River once along the way. One of them tracked along the highway for a while, but I am not sure which one. We crossed the Colorado River and I thought about how long that river must be, since it passes by AJ’s apartment in Austin.

It was another fun drive, although it got a little warm in the afternoon. Temperature was in the mid 90’s in Sunset and the same in Moab and the RV engine air conditioner is not enough to keep the cab cool in direct sunshine, but we did okay. I started our generator and main air conditioner while we were stopped for lunch in Green River. 

Mountains and home west of our motorhome in Moab.

After arrival in Moab we got electricity hooked up and our main a/c running, then hooked up our portable air conditioner. It was cool and plenty good for sleeping. Another great day. 


  1. The fires look like they go on forever. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Fires are scary and even more scary when they get close to the roads.