Sunday, September 17, 2017

Texas, My Texas

All hail the might state. Texas, My Texas has been the state song since the legislature ran a song contest in 1929. The song was written by an Englishman named William Marsh and a Fort Worth native, Gladys Yoakum Wright.  I have not thought about the song in a while, but I have been out of state for a few months and just returned yesterday. The song came to mind as I started to write and I borrowed it for a title to this blog post. I, like most native Texans have a strong feel for the state. I am a proud Texan. Kathi was born in Oklahoma and adopted Texas when she was five years old. Texas is our home.

We arrived in Casa Blanca, New Mexico on Saturday, September 9th, planning to stay a week and we almost made it. We decided Friday was a good day to move. We are both ready to see our sons.

The temperature was moderate to hot in the daytime in New Mexico and cool in the evenings. I was running the dash air in our Alfa motorhome to drive off the global warming from the sun and before we got out of the parking lot, the blower on our A/C quit working. Remember, on our trip to Casa Blanca the exhaust pipe came off our generator. This meant no dash air and no central air while we were driving through the desert. I reminded Kathi of the situation and she said, “Let’s just get to Texas.” Great idea. They can both be repaired later.

We moved east on I-40 to the Cactus RV Park in Tucumcari, NM. Tucumcari is typical of a small desert town – a lot of blowing sand, rocks, closed and empty businesses and desolation. We had stayed at the Cactus RV Park several times before and used our Passport America discount. This trip we discovered they are still members of Passport America, but they have raised their prices. Half price was $27 for the night and the park had no saving graces. Kathi told me, “Mark this park off the list.” My assumption is we will not be back to Tucumcari.

Saturday morning, we left Tucumcari with a plan to spend Saturday night living it up in Lubbock. Texas – yahoo – the cheer, not the internet company. The trip was a restful 185 miles. We left Tucumcari on NM 209 south through farming country. We thought most of the crops we saw were alfalfa. We turned east on NM 19, which I will not do again. This is one of the roads between alfalfa fields, obviously intended for tractors. It was so narrow we slowed to a creep when vehicles approached from the other direction. The good side was there was little traffic. Obviously, the locals knew better. We were glad when we got to turn south again on NM 108. It was not much wider, but a tremendously better road than 19.

Still, we were glad when we reached US 84 in Farwell, NM and went east, entering Texas in just a few miles, then on toward Lubbock. Texas, My Texas, all hail the mighty state.

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  1. Interesting how they chose the state song. I did not think it would be Ernest Tubb doing Waltz Across Texas but I would have guessed I would know the state song if I heard the title. I should be ashamed.
    Time to get that big motor home off those narrow roads... and into this traffic. Life is full of fun choices. See you soon.

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