Thursday, September 21, 2017

To the Lake

My last post, we left Tucumcari, NM headed for Lubbock, TX. We left off in Farwell where we turned south east on US 84 and soon left New Mexico, entering Texas. US 84 was good for us, as it went through Lubbock and continued on to Abilene, our next planned stop. We drove through Muleshoe, Sudan, Amherst and Littlefield on the way to Lubbock.

When I think of Lubbock, I always think of Buddy Holly.

As we neared Lubbock, Kathi called the Twin Pines RV Park and found all they had available was 30-amp sites, which was not adequate for us after driving with no A/C all day. We were warm, but not sweltering, so we decided to keep driving and find a park on the way. As I drove, Kathi looked for RV parks in the towns ahead of us. We looked in Slayton, but found nothing we liked, so decided to keep driving. It was warm, but with my window open, we were getting some fresh air.

We considered the Post RV Park in Post, TX, but we had stayed there several years before and it was rustic, with no paving and a dirt road to get into the park. Kathi looked on-line and recent reviews stated tree limbs drug the tops of motorhome when you entered the park. We slowed and looked at it, but decided to keep moving. Kathi found a couple of RV parks in Snyder, so we decided to take a look.

I saw a Snyder exit called Business 84. All the business routes I used in the past returned you to the main highway at the other end of town. Not this time. We drove through Snyder, seeing no RV parks at all and decided to return to US 84 and continue looking. Soon I saw a sign that said WEST 350. We were going the opposite direction from where we wanted to go. When I found a spot to pull over, I stopped to find out where we were and how to get back on track.

We were in Ira and I determined we could take TX 1606 east to reach TX 208 south, which would take us to I-20 and we would be back on the route to Abilene, although a different route than originally planned. I have been lost before, but it is hard to get 180 degrees out of sync without a clue. Well, I did it this time,

Nothing seemed available or adequate so we ended our trip in Abilene. Instead of the 185 miles we planned, we drove 350 miles. not counting the distance I drove when I misdirected myself.  I was tired on arrival and so was Kathi. We agreed to stay two nights, then we will move to Lake Georgetown.

We got our electricity working and turned on the air conditioner & spent most of the evening sitting in our chairs in front of fans, waiting for the A/C to cool the RV. We showered and went to bed early and it was still hot. I was finally refreshed enough to hook up our portable air conditioner. It took about an hour before it was cool enough to sleep, but sleep we did. We slept until ten o’clock Sunday morning. Our plan is to be on Lake Georgetown tomorrow and will see our oldest son, AJ on Tuesday. We are home (in Texas) and still happy campers.

A sailboat on Lake Georgetown earlier this year.


  1. Wow. That was a super long day. Way too long I'm glad you made it out here. It was great to see you yesterday

  2. Thanks for the comment, AJ. I said we were going to take shorter trips, but I keep getting pulled into longer distances.