Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our October at Green Caye

This coming Wednesday will be a month back at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. Sorry I took so much time between posts, but I have been having trouble with gout and inflammation in my shoulders and have been unable to use a keyboard for most of that time. My problems seem paltry compared to other things going on in the world, so I will not dwell on them.

During that time, we have seen Kathi’s cardiologist once and our family doctor several times for checkups and prescription renewal. We go to our dentist on Wednesday to assure we did not hurt our teeth with Halloween candy. Translate that to routine cleaning and semi-annual checkups. So far, all our doctor visits have been good news, not counting my joint aches and pains.

Halloween decorations at Dr. Pattanaik's office

Kathi and I went to Jimmy Changa’s for lunch, where we shared the Vera Cruz, then a few days later we had a cheese enchilada lunch at Gringo’s. Las Hadas was closed for the day. Good Mexican food is hard to find outside of Texas. There is a lot to be said about being home.

Well manicured shrubs at Jimmy Changa's

We had lunch with our son, Christopher at the Pipeline Grill in La Porte twice. He likes to eat their fried shrimp. Yesterday Kathi had a Greek salad and I had bacon, eggs and pancakes off their Saturday brunch menu. The salad had too much dressing and the pancakes were under cooked, but otherwise it was a good meal. I would never complain about bacon. I usually get a pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza at Pipeline and I will return to that on our next visit.

Saturday, October 21st we went to visit our sister-in-law, Andrea Clark and our niece. Amy Whitaker at Andrea’s home in La Porte. Our grandniece, Austin Clark was spending the night with Andrea, while her parents were in Galveston celebrating their wedding anniversary. Kathi made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Andrea made a salad and Amy and Austin made a chocolate cake for desert, and we all enjoyed the conversation over a good meal. Austin kept me entertained for a couple of hours before dinner and then she settled in for a movie on her I-pad. It was a nice afternoon and evening.

Our friends, Lynda and Bunky McMahon were in Green Caye for a few days and we were glad Bunky dropped by to say hello on his way back to their home in Thicket.

We have not watched any of the Astros world series games, but I follow the game on the internet. Kathi and I are generally not sports fans, but somehow the world series seems special. The games have been fun so far and the series is tied 2-2. It seems to me, the Astros bull pen is weak and the Dodgers’ manager likes to use his bullpen to the fullest. A world series championship would be a great achievement.

It was hot here for the first few weeks of October and it has been pleasant this weekend with a temperature in the low forties last night. Texas weather is fun. In our travels we hear about unpredictable weather wherever we go, so I guess we are more like other places than we realize.

We are glad to be where we are and happy to be near our family for the holiday season.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Green Caye -- Dickinson

Kathi and I really enjoyed spending 16 days at Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown and we got to spend several days with our oldest son, AJ, when we commuted to Austin or had him ride the Cap Metro to stay with us on the lake.

My sister, Carol and my brother-in-law, Lloyd Jackson drove their RV to the same park and their site was a few spaces away from ours. They drove in on Sunday and we went to lunch together on Monday. Carol and Kathi e-mail on a regular basis, but it is nice to sit down together and discuss recent travels and family activity. We met at Dos Salsa’s restaurant in Georgetown for lunch. There were a lot of cheese enchiladas and plenty of chips and red and green sauces for dipping. We had an enjoyable conversation over lunch.

It was hot the first week we were on Lake Georgetown and we got a little rain and some overcast days our second week there. Weekends are always crowded on the lake. There are a lot of local college students and families with RV’s that enjoy spending the weekend outdoors. We saw boats pulling children on paddle boards having a good time. There were a few boats that were still and I assume people were fishing. Of course, there are always young people on jet skis moving as fast as their engines will take them.

Boats pulling kids on paddle boards.

We enjoyed the noise and watching the neighbors, but we spent most of our time inside out of the heat. We were glad we had our portable air conditioner to supplement the basement air in our Alfa motorhome.

On Tuesday, we met Carol and Lloyd again for lunch, this time at Catfish Parlour. We did not have any catfish all the time we were out of Texas and the Catfish Parlour in Georgetown is one of our favorite places for a catfish meal. Conversation was lively and the meal was delicious.

After lunch, Kathi and I did some Walmart shopping to get enough groceries to make it through our time on the lake. We decided not to do big grocery shopping until we got to Green Caye in Dickinson.

On Saturday, September 30, we emptied our freezer and refrigerator of all the food Kathi had made for AJ over the last couple of weeks and loaded it in the car to deliver to him. After he got the food stowed in his refrigerator and freezer, we had lunch with him at the Cracker Barrel in Buda. We were all in the mood for breakfast and had different orders of bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns and biscuits. AJ had some errands to run, so we drove him to get those done.

Flowers at Cracker Barrel

Sled on the Cracker Barrel wall.

AJ had an early morning dental appointment on Monday and Kathi and I drove into Austin to get him to the dentist. Kathi and I had sausage biscuits from McDonald’s while AJ was at his appointment. After he was through at the dentist, we drove through Wendy’s for lunch. AJ only wanted a bottle of water and I had a burger with fries. Kathi had a chocolate frosty and I had a vanilla frosty to curb our sugar craving and cool our innards.

We had a fun time in the Austin area, but now it was time to move along. We left the lake on Wednesday morning and had a nice trip on US 290 into Houston, except for the construction as US 290 approaches the city. We got set up at Green Caye around two thirty in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day cooling down the motorhome and reclining in our chairs.

We are in town almost two months earlier this year than normal and it will give us plenty of time to get all our doctor visits done and see our family that lives in the Deer Park, La Porte and Pasadena area. It feels like home.