Thursday, December 14, 2017

Holidays and Jeep Repair

The weather has been great here in Dickinson the last few weeks. There were a couple of rainy days, then it got cooler. We are having cool nights in the 30’s and 40’s, then cool days in the 70’s. The northern part of the country is much colder and we have seen numerous pictures of snow in other parts of Texas. Fall, winter, and spring are great in Texas. We bought our motorhome to get out of Texas in July and August, but we love being here the rest of the year.

I had a bout with gout after we returned from our trip to the west coast during the summer and the effects lingered on for a while. Sore joints, swollen feet and legs and cherry red toes. Many of my friends are suffering from age related ailments and my problems are miniscule compared to others, so I will not dwell on problems. I do wish all my readers good health and a little cheer every day. Maybe even a lot of cheer on some days.

Kathi and I spent Thanksgiving at our sister-in law, Andrea Clark’s home. Our two sons were with us and most of the Clark family attended. Our nephew Rick had obligations in New Orleans and could not attend, also nephew Matt had to work and our grandnephew Austin was in San Diego at Marine Corps Boot Camp. The rest of us had a nice time. I did the best I could to carve the turkey and I guess I did okay. Most of it was gone after everyone ate. We also had a spiral cut Honey Baked ham, a good supply of mashed potatoes, yams, green been casserole, dressing and a few other side dishes made a delicious meal. Several kinds of desserts were available for anyone who did not stuff themselves on lunch. I did. It was a fun day and we enjoyed conversations, catching up and relaxing until late afternoon. 

Thanksgiving day in Andrea's back yard.

Our Grand Nephew, Austin Clark graduated boot camp in December 2017.

Our Jeep is in the shop. The problem began with a leaking radiator hose and I must not have been paying attention, because it overheated. We had it towed to the Pep Boys on W. Main St. in League City where they replaced the radiator hose, thermostat and thermostat housing, then they flushed the radiator and added coolant. It was still overheating, so the changed the water pump. No luck.

Now we are replacing two heads and head gaskets.  We considered trading for a new car, but I love our Jeep. It is one of the few vehicles I drive that I can enter and exit without expending considerable energy. My long upper body and short legs do not match Detroit engineering standards. Our Jeep has 140,000 miles, so I hope I did not make another error in judgement.

Watching me get in and out of our rental car, a Toyota Rav 4 is like viewing a comedy. Please do not watch.

Kathi and I, along with our two sons will be at Andrea’s again for Christmas Day. She will serve lasagna, which is always a hit with our family. We expect her sons, Wesley and Matt to attend with their families, but her daughter, Amy will celebrate Christmas with her family in Oklahoma.

I repeat our wish for all our friends: happiness, good travels and good health.

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